Laundry marked with this mark must not be washed.
Hand wash only. Recommended temperature for hand wash is about 30 degrees. First dissolve the powder in water and only then put the laundry. Handle these items with care and rinse them thoroughly in clean water after washing. Washing time should not exceed 5 minutes.
The line means gentle care and refusal of a strong spin or washing with other, coarser, things. Products with this mark should be washed in a gentle wash with a limited amount of other laundry (up to 1/3).
Corresponding temperatures (for example, 30, 40, 60 or 95 degrees) must not be exceeded.
This symbol enables wet processing. Both hand and machine wash allowed.
This product can be ironed. The dots on the iron indicate the maximum ironing temperature (e.g. 110 ° C, 150 ° C, 200 ° C).
Such a product must not be ironed.
It is allowed to subject the product to dry cleaning. The symbols in the circle indicate which cleaning products can be used.
The line under the symbol indicates that during cleaning it is necessary to reduce the mechanical load, the degree of humidity and temperature.
The product cannot be dry cleaned. Do not use solvent-based stain removers!
Product can be dried in a mechanical dryer. The number of dots on the symbol corresponds to the different drying stages.
Attention: the symbol does not indicate the presence of shrinkage of the product.
Product cannot be dried in a mechanical dryer.
Chlorine bleaches
The product can be washed with chlorine bleach.
Note: Most detergents do not contain chlorine. Since chlorine-containing wastewater is highly polluting, it is not advisable to add chlorine to detergents for environmental reasons.
Product must not be bleached with chlorine.
Warning: stain removers often contain chlorine!

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